The Sensitive's Solution is: A nutritional approach to sensitive bodies From digestive, skin, or energy problems to autoimmune
disease, eliminate or reduce life-limiting illnesses and
symptoms and regain control over your well-being.
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When it comes to food, “Sensitives” have special needs and we’ve created a solution.

— Dealing with sensitive bodies

Dealing with sensitive bodies

We help “Sensitives” — that is, people whose bodies seem to react (negatively) to almost everything they eat — even bona fide healthy foods! Because of this, they have acquired health conditions and symptoms that, over many years, have become chronic and increasingly debilitating.

The Sensitive’s Solution is an innovative approach to healing that fuses the convenience of an online, do-it-yourself platform with tools and resources that are customized to your unique metabolic needs.

Using the Five Pillars of Success, a special Sensitive’s Food List, and the patented, multifunctional Click2Heal™ App to track and manage your progress, regain and sustain your health for a lifetime at your own pace.

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