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Click2Heal™ App

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Click, Click, Click, Heal, Heal, Heal

Click, Click, Click, Heal, Heal, Heal

The Click2Heal™ App is unique — you won’t find its patented portions system, customized Portions Profile, and focused functionality anywhere else.

Receive your customized Sensitive’s Food List and Portions Profile, and start using the Click2Heal™ App immediately, all for free! Access more functions in the App through a premium upgrade.

Manage your Sensitive’s Solution with Click2Heal™

On “The Solution” page, you learned about three of the four key components to the Click2Heal™ App:

  1. Customized Features. The App creates a customized Portions Profile that tells you how much of what to eat and in what combinations, and a personalized Sensitives Food List. These core components work synergistically to ensure you eat the right foods in the right portions.
  2. Track Your Food. Use the App to add what you ate to your Portions Profile and watch your portions fill in throughout the day. This creates a record of what you ate, gives you real-time feedback on how you are consuming your portions, and teaches you how to eat in a balanced way that supports and sustains deep healing.
  3. Track Your Progress. Using both built-in and personalized metrics, track your progress to understand 1) your healing trajectory and 2) linkages between the foods you eat and how you feel.

The Fourth Component: Recipe Creator

If you’ve just eaten a meal consisting of five or six foods, there is a way to add all of the foods in the meal to your Portions Profile with just one click!

The Recipe Creator is a streamlining efficiency builder that enables you to create recipes for frequently eaten meals, snacks, or single foods with multiple ingredients, and then add all of the ingredients in your meal, snack, or single food with one click.

Say you have salmon, broccoli and cauliflower medley with butter, an artichoke, and 12 oz. of mineral water for dinner three times a week. Adding each ingredient to your Portions Profile every time you eat the meal would be cumbersome. By creating a recipe for this dinner, you can add the whole dinner to your Portions Profile with one click!

The same goes for single foods with multiple ingredients, such as muffins, tortillas, or cream of broccoli soup. For example, if you make 12 muffins and eat one, you don’t have to calculate the amount of each ingredient in one muffin and then add those amounts individually. By creating a muffin recipe in the App, when you add a muffin to your Portions Profile, the App automatically scales the ingredients to one muffin and adds them all with one click.

Here’s an example of a blueberry muffin recipe. Notice there are five ingredients. When you create a recipe in the App, you add only the ingredients that drive a portion. So you omit ingredients like baking soda, cream of tartar, cinnamon, stevia, etc.

Simply add each ingredient and quantity, and the App computes the portions per serving. In this case, the recipe makes 12 muffins, so one muffin equals one serving.

Then preview the portions for one muffin:

Balanced meals and snacks are healing, and the ability to preview the portion composition of a recipe is critical for assessing your recipe’s balance.

Previewing the portions for the blueberry muffin, you can see the recipe is balanced, because the ingredients contain carbs, protein, and fat. If it isn’t balanced in the portion preview, you can make adjustments to the ingredients, or the ingredient quantities, and preview again.

The focused simplicity and patented functionality of the Click2Heal™ App is exactly what you need to easily support and guide you in achieving and sustaining deep and lasting healing. And you won’t find it anywhere else.

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Receive your customized Sensitive’s Food List and Portions
profile, and start using the Click2Heal™ App immediately.